From the Founder

From the Founder

My name is Mike Heron and I am the founder and CEO of The BeatHustle. The BeatHustle is a management company for sample composers who have produced records for The Migos, Future, Travis Scott, Rihanna, Jay Z & Beyonce and many more.

Billboard magazine recently did a write up on my company. As you'll read in the article, I am also a VP of A&R at Shady Records. One of my primary duties as an A&R at Shady is to find and secure beats for our artists. ============================================================ To that end, I spend a lot of time listening to beats, talking to producers and trying to find the hit makers of tomorrow.

Because I've been dealing with everything production related everyday for the past decade, I am uniquely experienced to offer advice and tools to producers. Until recently, I've never wanted to offer anything to "non professional" producers because I believed my doing so would water TheBeatHustle brand down. Also, I didn't think I'd be able to give 100% to my job and clients if I dove into the open market.

That all changed after I started hearing about charlatans passing themselves off as experts ripping producers off. I'll elaborate on this in future emails. For now, just know that it's important to me that producers get the best possible advice and tools from someone actually on the field.

Ok, that's it. Just wanted to say hello - for now.

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Looking forward to being of service to you.

Let's get after it!