The inception of an idea: PRhyme

The inception of an idea: PRhyme

Back in 2012 I met with my buddy Adrian Younge at Shady Records.

Timbaland had just sampled one of his compositions, "Sirens" and used it on Jay Z's "Picasso Baby."

After the meet with Adrian, I got obsessed with the idea of a full project that would incorporate his samples and a producer who can provide hard Drums. For obvious reasons, DJ Premier was the first producer who came to mind. 

I brought the idea to Slaughterhouse with whom I was working with as an A&R at Shady. The idea didn't go over with everyone, but Royce called back and expressed interest in pursuing the idea further.

Shortly after, I introduced Adrian to Premier and Royce at Preem's studio, Headqcourterz. The guys took it from there and went on to create, the critically acclaimed, Phryme - one of the best LPs of 2014.

My role in Phyrme was very small, all I did was make some intros and got out the way - Sort of like when you light fireworks and run off before the explosions start. However, that brief experience at the inception of Phryme was the catalyst for The BeatHustle journey.

I hope our packs get you started on yours.

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