We lost

We lost

I remember running into Steve Carless, Nipsey Hussle's longtime music business partner and us congratulating him, then thanking him for the shot Nipsey gave G-Koop on "Million While You Young" from his Grammy nominated Victory LP.

Although I never met Nipsey, I respected his worldview. Before Nipsey, there were no young, street rappers on the path he was on. By taking a stand for upliftment through economic awareness Nipsey separated himself from the pack.

It's important that we continue to keep his legacy alive by supporting business that support the culture, accumulating assets and giving back to the community.

That's where we at with things here at BeatHustle.

In the words of Nipsey Hussle artist, activist and trailblazer:
“...we pushin Agressive intelligence either u wit it or YOU THA OPPS.”